sabato 22 ottobre 2011

Susan MacWilliam "Dermo Optics" 2006

'Dermo Optics' 2006 presents footage recorded in 2005 when MacWilliam travelled to Paris to meet Madame Duplessis, a senior researcher in dermo optical perception and director Centre d'Information de la Couleur. Madame Duplessis and her colleagues are observed as they demonstrate the experimental apparatus in her cellar laboratory. The installation consists a plywood wall with text and plywood and perspex seating cubes. The demo optics text is made from linoleum floor tiles. dermo optics - Dermo optical perception (also referred to as eyeless sight or fingertip vision) is the ability to ‘see’ without using the eyes. People who possess dermo optical perception often demonstrate it under test conditions while blindfolded or behind screens.